Ms. Berry

Welcome to Ms. Berry’s Music Classroom!

6th graders use this link:

What’s happening in music class?


Kindergarteners & 1st Graders are learning about the four different voice types (speak, whisper, shout, sing) and high and low (big instrument=low sound & small instrument=high sound).


2nd graders are adding sound effects to a story.


3rd graders are adding sound effects to a story.


4th graders are learning the basics of note and rhythm reading in preparation for a recorder unit.


In 5th grade, we are beginning a unit on a variety of genres of music.  We will explore reggae, calypso, jazz, do wop, and oldies.


6th grade is learning about composers: Bach, Beethoven, and Mozart.

Treble Clef. Floral design.

A message from Ms. Berry:
Thank you for visiting my website!  I am at Elmwood School in the fall and will be at Shiloh Park School for the spring semester.  I look forward to a wonderfully musical year with the students at Elmwood & Shiloh.  Please check out my calendar to view upcoming concerts.  Hope to see you there!